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My Heart is the Drum | Jennie Redling

My Heart is the Drum

“By the time the final curtain falls on Village Theatre’s world premiere of My Heart is the Drum, you’ll know you’ve just witnessed something extraordinary… I will say this — it’s not often you can say you were there when greatness debuted. “My Heart is the Drum” is that opportunity.”

-David Hayes, The Issaqua Press


“It’s to Redling’s credit that her script never devolves into melodrama. If anything, it’s understated. Every plot “twist” is hard-earned by the reality of the setting. Though it becomes integral to the plot, the AIDS epidemic spends most of its time as a specter silently stalking the characters from hidden corners in their everyday lives. The show’s conflicts aren’t acute; they’re mounting tensions that refuse to ease up.”

-Daniel Nash,  Kirkland Reporter


“The sweet personal relationships among the characters are beautifully rendered…My Heart is the Drum” is a play that reaches a place that needs to be reached. It left me with heightened awareness and renewed hope.”

-James Spangler, Edmond’s Beacon


My Heart is the Drum has everything a great musical should have: a gorgeously complex yet accessible score; rich storytelling; compelling, well-developed characters; and a vibrant setting that draws us into both the charm and the underbelly of a world that’s foreign to most Americans….”

My Heart is the Drum [is] a beautiful work that brims with emotion. …illuminating lyrics by Luftig propel this sweeping story.”

– Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal

“Authentic, epic, transportive, rich sense of storytelling. Transported through that score. Absolutely blown away.”

“The lyrics were fantastic. Poetic, true to the characters, and inventive.”
“[The lyrics were] …vivid, poetic, authentic, accessible.”

– NAMT Festival Nominating Committee, My Heart Is the Drum